Faith In Feminism


// What’s this all about? //

The Faith in Feminism project exists to explore the (sometimes awkward) questions around whether religion and feminism are truly compatible.

This project grew from Vicky’s constant experience of being stuck in the middle. On one side, feminists told her she was letting the movement down by holding on to her ‘patriarchal Christian faith’. One the other side Christians treated her passion for feminism with suspicion due to it’s caricatured reputation as a movement of shrill, bra-burning women who hate men (which is clearly not a true representation of its essence).

Having chatted with people from numerous faith perspectives, she found others have had a similar experience.

This site will tackle the themes of religion and gender equality, putting them under the microscope.

In conversation with people of various faiths and none, Vicky will ask these questions and showcase a kaleidoscope of very different perspectives. 

** The aim here is not to push an agenda or an ‘answer’ but simply to hear a plethora of people’s differing views **

Does being religious and a feminist make you ‘second rate’ at both, or can they compliment each other?

Are some world faiths more compatible with feminism than others?

Is the most ‘legit’ form of feminism rooted in atheism and humanism?

Isn’t Christianity deeply patriarchal and male-dominated?

How would a feminist Catholic accept teachings that ban contraception and abortion?

Could a feminist Muslim find gender segregation and wearing the burqa to be liberating and not oppressive?

Can members of the the LGBTQI community easily embrace religious faith, feminism and their sexuality?

Can atheist feminists give their stamp of approval to ‘feminists of faith’ – or will it always irk them?

These questions and many more will be explored. No questions are off limits. It might get uncomfortable at times, but all conversation will be carried out with the values of total, mutual respect.

It’ll be an interesting journey.

// How you can get involved //

If you’d like to write something, or be interviewed, for this site just drop us a line via the Contact page.

Or if you don’t want to write anything, perhaps you have a particular question you’d like Vicky to explore related to religion and feminism? You can submit it via the Contact page too.

Do comment on the interview posts as well – this project is a conversation and your voice is welcome a part of that provided your views are expressed respectfully.

[Disagreement is very heartily welcomed, but abusive language or threatening behaviour will not be. Feel free to express your views and our moderators will make the decision on what qualifies as moving beyond passionate disagreement and into inappropriateness.]