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“The hijab is an expression of my feminism”

In this interview I chat with Mira, a convert to Islam. For her own privacy, we will only use her first name. We explore the topic of modesty, the hijab and what this means to her. She has faced criticism [...]

February 2, 2014 Islam

Reflections on World Hijab Day 2014

Today, in various locations around the globe, many participated in World Hijab Day 2014. I heard about it from a number of my Muslim female friends, many of whom have experienced abuse on the streets as a result of choosing [...]

February 1, 2014 Islam

Channel 4’s Sabbiyah Pervez

Sabbiyah Pervez is 23, a British Muslim with Pakistani heritage, a graduate in Philosophy and Politics and a feminist. She was part of Channel 4’s series Make Bradford British. [To the reader: A quick reiteration –  the aim of the Faith In Feminism [...]

October 31, 2013 Islam, Women's voices

Secular Muslims & women’s rights

Tehmina Kazi is the Director of British Muslims for Secular Democracy (BMSD) in London. She co-organised the first awards ceremony to acknowledge the achievements of the UK’s most powerful Muslim women and was shortlisted for Cosmopolitan Magazine’s “Ultimate Women of the [...]

September 5, 2013 Islam, Secular Muslims, Women's voices

Interview with Mo Ansar

The Muslim faith, as does the Christian faith, has a reputation among feminists for being oppressive toward women. Is this reputation justified? I interview Mohammed Ansar to see what he thinks of this. Mo is a Muslim commentator, lecturer and writer, frequently [...]

August 16, 2013 Islam, Men's voices