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A bold appraisal of Sikh culture vs Sikh religion

In its teachings, Sikhism is strongly in favour of gender equality. But is it like this in every day reality for Sikh women? Harjit Sarang is Family Law solicitor with a specialism in Parenting and Fertility Law for LGBT and [...]

September 26, 2013 Sexuality, Sikhism, Women's voices

Christian, feminist & conservative on sexuality?

The majority of the feminist movement supports LGBTQIA relationships. However, there are Christians who align with feminism while simultaneously believing the Bible only endorses sexual activity within the marriage of a man and a woman. Steve Holmes is someone who feels [...]

September 4, 2013 Christianity, Men's voices, Sexuality, Uncategorized

Meet Rachel: a trans-woman, gay, feminist priest

One reason feminism and religion often come to blows is their frequently differing stance on sexuality. Religion (especially Christianity) has a reputation for being homophobic. Many Christians feel able to identify as feminist while simultaneously holding more conservative theology on [...]

September 2, 2013 Christianity, Sexuality, Women's voices

Lads Mags: alternative outsells Loaded

Lads mags are a hot topic in the media at the moment. I’m joined here by Steve Legg, founder of an alternative men’s magazine called Sorted. Its sales figures have now over-taken those of Loaded. The magazine has received a ringing endorsement [...]

August 4, 2013 Christianity, Lads Mags, Men's voices, Sexuality