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Channel 4’s Sabbiyah Pervez

Sabbiyah Pervez is 23, a British Muslim with Pakistani heritage, a graduate in Philosophy and Politics and a feminist. She was part of Channel 4’s series Make Bradford British. [To the reader: A quick reiteration –  the aim of the Faith In Feminism [...]

October 31, 2013 Islam, Women's voices

Where can priests & clergy go if they lose their faith?

The Clergy Project is fascinating; it’s a confidential online community founded in 2011 for active and former clergy who have lost their supernatural beliefs. The community’s 500 plus members use the network to discuss what it’s like being an unbelieving [...]

October 6, 2013 Atheism, Women's voices

Women airbrushed from Church history?

Today’s Christianity may seem hierarchical and male dominated. Was this the case back in the earliest days of the Church? Did women play a bigger role back then, and have they become invisible due to the male authors of our [...]

October 4, 2013 Christianity, Women's voices

Feminism & beauty – interview with Chine Mbubaegbu

Does Christianity free women to be beautiful inside and out, or stifle and repress self-worth and self-expression? Chine Mbubaegbu is a writer, speaker and author. Her new book “Am I Beautiful?” has just been published by Authentic Media. Chine is [...]

October 2, 2013 Christianity, Women's voices

Linda Woodhead despairs of the Church’s paternalism

Linda Woodhead MBE is Professor of Sociology of Religion at Lancaster University and organiser of the Westminster Faith Debates. She’s been described by the Royal Society of Arts as ‘one of the world’s leading experts on religion’. Her research into [...]

September 29, 2013 Christianity, Women's voices

A bold appraisal of Sikh culture vs Sikh religion

In its teachings, Sikhism is strongly in favour of gender equality. But is it like this in every day reality for Sikh women? Harjit Sarang is Family Law solicitor with a specialism in Parenting and Fertility Law for LGBT and [...]

September 26, 2013 Sexuality, Sikhism, Women's voices

Synod, WATCH & Women Bishops

Ruth Chapman is on the WATCH National Committee (Women And The Church); an influential group in the UK campaigning for women’s equality within the Church of England. Ruth is passionate about the need for women bishops – a belief is [...]

September 25, 2013 Christianity, Uncategorized, Women Bishops, Women's voices

Secular Muslims & women’s rights

Tehmina Kazi is the Director of British Muslims for Secular Democracy (BMSD) in London. She co-organised the first awards ceremony to acknowledge the achievements of the UK’s most powerful Muslim women and was shortlisted for Cosmopolitan Magazine’s “Ultimate Women of the [...]

September 5, 2013 Islam, Secular Muslims, Women's voices

Meet Rachel: a trans-woman, gay, feminist priest

One reason feminism and religion often come to blows is their frequently differing stance on sexuality. Religion (especially Christianity) has a reputation for being homophobic. Many Christians feel able to identify as feminist while simultaneously holding more conservative theology on [...]

September 2, 2013 Christianity, Sexuality, Women's voices

Feminist and pro-life?

One tension between feminism and religion can hinge around the pro-life/pro-choice debate. The majority of feminists would hold a pro-choice stance, so how would Catholics who hold a pro-life theology mesh this with a commitment to feminism? I interview Caroline [...]

August 22, 2013 Abortion, Catholicism, Christianity, Pro-Life/Pro-Choice, Women's voices